Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Chrome's top tabs don't save any vertical screen real estate

An oft-cited benefit of tabs-at-the-top ala Google Chrome and beta builds of Safari 4 is that they save vertical screen real estate. They certainly feel like they do. After all, the tabs are up in the title bar and the address and bookmark bars are the only thing between that and the web content you're browsing. However, I noticed something interesting today when I had Chrome open on top of Safari 4. See for yourself below.

It's the exact same size vertically, at least on Mac. Whoddathunkit?

Friday, October 23, 2009

ZFS is dead, long live btrfs

Apple officially killed its dabble into the ZFS filesystem (that's redundant like saying "PIN number" but I ain't care).

My hunch: They'll move from HFS+ to btrfs. What is btrfs? And, more importantly, how do you pronounce it?

1. It's a super cool new filesystem being developed under the GPL, primarily for Linux. Official wiki.
2. Like this: Butter Eff Ess. That's right, it's like budduh.

Please please please! I wanna run Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" on btrfs. That would be kick ass. Rarrrrr.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DateTime::Format::Natural Fail

The Perl module DateTime::Format::Natural describes itself as: "DateTime::Format::Natural takes a string with a human readable date/time and creates a machine readable one by applying natural parsing logic."

As such, it can parse strings like the following (taken straight from its own docs):
11 January
dec 25
feb 28 3am
feb 28 3pm
may 27th
march 1st 2009
October 2006
february 14, 2004
jan 3 2010
3 jan 2000
But you know what it can't parse? This:
12/03/2008 06:56:06 AM